23 May 2015

Where have the years gone .........

As I enter the last twelve months of my military service I am beginning to get quite excited about the idea of a new home - a lovely big craft studio and hours and hours to scrap, sew, design and just enjoy myself. Of course once you start planning ahead you often slip into reminiscing . . . .  so here I am at 40 - a photo shoot 'strongly' encouraged by my daughters (and I must confess I had fun). 

Flowers, bling, vintage and lovely papers.  I think its one of my favourite pages ...... or maybe it is just the trip down memory lane :)


I really love to create little details - I know most people don't notice them, but I just enjoy putting them there. Especially lace and bling.

I just love digging around for little bits of vintage looking metal embellishments.  Added to ink and vintage papers the theme comes together nicely (after all I am 'very old' according to my much loved and adored grand-daughters).

I have a wonderful flower stash - some of it Ive had for ten years or more.  I spent so long collecting bits and pieces before I ever got a chance to use any of it.  Some of my scrap pals shake their heads and wonder where it all came from :)

Well . . . . as always thank you for looking - after 18, 21 and 40 I'm guessing the next big birthday will be 60.

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