2 May 2015

My Creative Space

One of the blessings of my current posting to Brisbane is I'm living in a HUGE house (on my own) which means I have a been able to create a dedicated Crafting Room.  It's very girlie - filled with pretty pieces of coloured glass and lovely tiered cake stands.

Since I love flowers I have large jars filled with them mingled in with containers of pretty ribbons. There are collections of floral cardboard boxes and little timber crates just the right size for my six inch paper pads ( another favourite).

I have drawers filled with bling, embellishments, stickers and rub-ons. Several drawers filled with Stampin Up stamps (which I love) - and enough alphabets to write a book. All tucked away in my old filing drawers (36 of them) lovingly restored and finished off with crystal knobs.

I've combined the charm of old timber sideboards with practical white IKEA storage pieces and somehow it all comes together wonderfully.

Even on the longest days, when the challenges or disappointments of the job have outweighed the triumphs - my room waits to welcome me home.  Of course I haven't all the time I'd like to spend creating just now ..... but Christmas 2016 (retirement time) isn't so very far away. Soon after that date I'll move into my own home (once I find it) - and all my pieces will come together in their new space. For my crafting friends it means invitations to create together ...... laughter, chatter and sharing. It's a dream right now - but not so very far away.

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