15 September 2017

Flowers ..... !!!

I'm busily trying to get s little organised for my relocation in a few weeks .... so mountains of bottles and jars, packets and boxes are being opened and checked for contents. I knew I had lots of loose petals but I now think I have enough to fill a bath!!  

Consequently I've been experimenting with said petals with a view to creating some embellishments of my own. This is only a first run ..... but I'm quite pleased with the result. I'll post up a page as soon as I've used them. 

Till next time ......... Blessings ..... Delsie


  1. Beautiful. I think I need some of those for one of my pages.

  2. Why have I never thought of doing this ! They are all so pretty. Thank you for the inspiration. I love this idea. ♥