10 January 2016

Scrapbooking Memories Masters 2015 - Honourable Mention

So there was I heading off to work after my Christmas holidays .... not feeling particularly well but determined to get into the paperwork that had multiplied during my absence. Right on top of the pile was this months New Year edition of Scrapbooking Memories (I have a mail subscription). I opened the packaging intending to have a quick peek before I launched into the days work when  ..... WOO HOO there was one of my pages with an Honourable Mention from last years Masters.  So - my new boss now thinks I'm a little loopy (doing a happy dance at my desk) but I am so thrilled. They did (unfortunately manage to spell my name wrong - but that's OK ..... I know its mine.  So here it is: 


  1. Well done Delsie, this looks wonderful..

  2. Congrats Delsie. Well done. your colours always work well. Well deserved HM. Just love the feather.